Kathmandu Metropolis Exceeds Rs. 8 Arba Revenue, Reaching 79% of Target


Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has been successful in collecting revenue amounting to Rs. 8 Arba during the 11 months of the current financial year. Dhruv Kafle, who heads the Revenue Department, mentioned that the collected amount of Rs. 8 Arba 29 crores 95 lakhs 59 thousand 278 came from internal income, revenue distribution, and internal subsidy. This figure represents 79 percent of the city’s revenue target.

For the current year, the Metropolis had set a revenue target of Rs. 10 Arba 42 crores 95 lakhs. They have made significant progress in generating internal revenue, achieving 98.87 percent of the targeted amount from internal sources. Out of the revenue target of Rs. 4 Arba and 85 crores, the Metropolitan collected Rs. 4 Arba and 77 crores. This amount is one billion more than the previous year, as reported by the Revenue Department.

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