Ghorahi Cement Industry Concludes IPO for Project-Affected Locals, Generating Rs. 3.44 Arba

Ghorahi Cement Industry Limited is concluding the issuance of its Initial Public Offering (IPO) for project-affected locals today. The IPO, which opened on 18th Baisakh, aims to issue 79,43,801 unit shares to the public, including locals, Nepalese citizens working abroad, and the general public. Out of the total issued capital of Rs. 3.97 Arba, 1% or 397,190 unit shares have been allocated to project-affected locals of Dang District.

The shares are being offered at a price of Rs. 400 per unit for locals and Rs. 435 per unit for Nepalese citizens working abroad, including a premium amount. The IPO will generate a total of Rs. 3.44 Arba for the company, with a significant portion being premium amounting to Rs. 2.645 Arba.

Himalayan Capital Limited and Nabil Investment Banking Limited are the appointed issue managers for the IPO. After the IPO, the promoter-public share ratio will be 80:20. CARE Ratings Nepal Limited has assigned a rating of ‘CARE-NP BBB- (Is)’ to Ghorahi Cement Industry Limited, indicating a moderate degree of safety regarding the timely servicing of financial obligations.

Ghorahi Cement Industry Limited, formerly known as Ghorahi Cement Industry Private Limited, was established in August 2007. It operates an integrated cement manufacturing plant in the Dang Valley of Western Nepal. The company has a clinker capacity of 1,900 MTPD and a grinding capacity of 2,200 MTPD, with plans for further expansion. Ghorahi Cement Industry sells its products under the brand name “Sagarmatha” across Nepal, with a focus on the western and far-western regions of the country. The company has a network of 21 distributors throughout Nepal.

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