Ankhukhola Hydropower Company (AKJCL) Changes Right Share Ratio from 200% to 150%

Ankhukhola Hydropower Company Limited (AKJCL) has recently announced a change in its right share ratio from 200% to 150%. During a board of directors meeting held on Jestha 17, 2080, the decision was made to issue 150% right shares on the company’s paid-up capital of Rs. 80 Crores. This decision aligns with the instructions given by the regulatory body.

In a previous board meeting that took place on Baishakh 15, 2079, AKJCL had proposed to issue right shares in a ratio of 1:2. This move was intended to allow the company to invest a significant portion, at least 60%, of its shares in the Ganesh Himal Hydropower’s 20 M.W- Ankhu Khola-2 Hydropower project. However, the decision required approval from the Electricity Regulatory Commission. As a result, the company has now revised its right shares issuance, opting for a ratio of 150% from the paid-up capital of Rs. 80 Crores. This means that the paid-up capital will reach Rs. 120 Crores after the issuance of the aforementioned right shares.

It is important to note that the issuance of these right shares is subject to approval from the Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON) and will also need to be endorsed during the company’s upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM).

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