Today is the last day to apply for a Modification of the Issue of the Day

Modi Energy Limited is closing the issue of 29,00,000 units of IPO shares to the project-affected locals today i.e. on 16th Chaitra 2079. The problem had begun on the 25th of Falgun, 2079.

The company’s issued capital is Rs. 2.9 Arba, of which 10%, or 29,00,000 unit shares worth Rs. 29 crores, have been allocated to project-affected Parbat District residents. Meanwhile, 15% of the company’s issued capital, or 43,50,000 unit shares, will be made available to the general public later. This public issue, which closed on the 9th Chaitra, allocated 10% of the shares totaling 435,000 units to Nepalese citizens working abroad.


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