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Ghalemdi Hydro Limited Initiates Auction of Unclaimed Right Shares for Public Offering

Ghalemdi Hydro Limited (GHL) has initiated the auction of its unclaimed right share portion starting today, 9th Magh, and concluding on 23rd Magh, 2080. The company is auctioning 32,17,724 units of ordinary right shares, representing the unclaimed segment from its previous 1:2 ratio right share issue, conducted from 10th Mangsir to 16th Poush, 2080. Only 77,82,276 units (70.75%) of the total right shares were allotted to eligible shareholders, leaving 29.25% unclaimed, and these unsold shares are now available for the general public.

Both individuals and institutions have the eligibility to participate in the auction, managed by Muktinath Capital Limited. The minimum bid rate is set at Rs. 100, with a bid quantity of at least 100 units. While bidders can bid for the entire issue, adherence to regulatory rules restricting the quantity of shares per entity is mandatory.

GHL’s current paid-up capital is Rs. 55 Crores, and after the adjustment of the proposed right share of 1.10 crore units, the company’s paid-up capital will increase to Rs. 1.65 Arba. Despite posting a net loss of Rs 3.13 crore, the company’s earnings per share stands at Rs. 5.70, and its net worth is Rs. 70.921, according to the first quarterly report for the fiscal year 2080/81.

As of the latest available information, GHL’s Last Traded Price (LTP) is Rs. 189.00.


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