Cryptocurrency prices are rising, with Ripple rising by 18%.


Since Tuesday morning, the cryptocurrency market, which had been dropping for more than two weeks, has rising. As a result, the values of the market’s leading cryptocurrencies have surged dramatically in the last 24 hours.

According to, the price of has gained 8.24 percent in the previous 24 to USD 37,304, while Ethereum is trading at $2,707. In the last 24 hours, Ethereum alone has increased by 16.60 percent.

Cardano rose 12.74 percent to 1.76, Binance Coin rose 15.02 percent to 358, Ripple rose 19.36 percent to 1.07, Polkadot rose 18.44 percent to 23.11.

Cryptocurrency is banned in Nepal, despite being recognized as a digital money in Europe, the States, China, India. However, in the lack of a cryptocurrency regulation in Nepal, the Nepal Rastra Bank has published a statement stating that only transactions are prohibited.

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