Wanton excavations jeopardising development works



Random excavations conducted at various places have put development works at here.

The excavation of sand, soil and stones from places near the canal built under the Rani-Jamara Kulariya Project has depressed the embankment.

The unchecked excavation is badly affecting the embankment built along the Bargad and Basukhola streams to support the canal, said Officer of the project, Premala Siwa. “The excavation has lowered the embankment,” she said, seeking attention from the concerned sides to check the irregularity.

Such random digging has also affected the settlements nearby. As a rule, the river products cannot be excavated within 500 metres of a river, canal or any other infrastructure.

But, the excavations are being carried out as close as 100 metres of the Chori and Charaila streams. Such illegal mining has direct bearing on the project structures and human settlements as well, said engineer Jiban Bohara.

“It seems neither any public office bearer nor the project has paid attention to protection of the infrastructure constructed for development,” he said, underscoring the immediate need of monitoring by the respective local level.

Information Officer Siwa argued that the local levels had allowed the contractors to ca

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