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Multipurpose Finance Company Initiates Auction of Promoter Shares

Multipurpose Finance Company Limited (MPFL) has announced an auction of 2,50,971 units of shares, with the existing promoter extending the opportunity exclusively to its shareholder base. The auction, initiated on 10th Baishakh, 2081, invites interested promoter shareholders to participate within a 35-day window from the date of publication of the notice.

United Ajod Insurance, a key stakeholder, aims to sell its promoter shares to existing shareholders of MPFL. The auction aims to facilitate the transition of shares among the company’s core stakeholders, ensuring continuity and stability in ownership.

In the event that no bids are received from existing founder shareholders within the stipulated timeframe, the shares will be made available for auction to the general public or institutions, providing broader opportunities for investment and ownership in MPFL.

As of the latest update, MPFL is trading at Rs. 372.30, while MPFLPO stands at Rs. 202.00.

For further details and participation in the auction, interested parties are encouraged to refer to the official auction notice provided by MPFL.


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