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Unilever Nepal Limited Reports 62.21% Surge in Q1 Net Profit, Demonstrates Strong Financial Performance for FY 2080/81

Unilever Nepal Limited (UNL) has disclosed its financial outcomes for the first quarter of the fiscal year 2080/81, showcasing an impressive 62.21% surge in net profit. The company reported a substantial growth, with net profit increasing from Rs. 34.06 Crores to Rs. 55.25 Crores in Q1 of FY 2080-81. Additionally, the revenue for the first quarter of FY 2080/81 demonstrated healthy growth, reaching Rs. 2.32 Arba, reflecting a growth rate of 3.75%.

Despite the positive performance, the financial report highlights a decline of 31.78% in other incomes, which amounted to Rs. 2.79 Crores during the same period. The paid-up capital of UNL remained steady at Rs. 9.21 Crores, while retained earnings were reported at Rs. 4.82 Arba in Q1 of FY 2080-81. The financial health of the company is underscored by an annualized earnings per share (EPS) of Rs. 2,399.57 and a Net worth per share of Rs. 5,335. The PE ratio is noted at Rs. 15.

The major financial highlights in the report encompass various aspects, including paid-up capital, other equity (retained earnings), property, plant and equipment, investment in fixed deposits, trade receivables, cash and cash equivalents, inventories, revenue from operation, other income, other expenses, and net profit. The annualized EPS reflects the company’s performance on a per-share basis, while the net worth per share indicates the financial strength on a per-share basis. The quarter-end P/E ratio is reported at 15.0.

This comprehensive financial analysis provides insights into UNL’s robust financial performance for the first quarter of FY 2080/81, highlighting its growth in net profit and revenue, as well as notable figures related to equity, assets, and earnings per share.


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