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Sonapur Minerals and Oil Limited IPO Allotment: 10 Units for 10,40,770 Applicants, 8,638 Go Empty-Handed

Sonapur Minerals and Oil Limited made an initial offering of 97,32,544 IPO shares with a par value of Rs 100 to the general public from Asoj 14 to Ashwin 18, 2080. Prior to this, the company had issued 15,37,525 shares to locals affected by the project in Dang and Rolpa District, with only 1,34,520 units allocated to valid applicants. As a result, the remaining 14,03,005 units of unsubscribed shares from the project-affected locals have been combined with 1,07,62,675 units (which represents 35% of the issued capital reserved for the general public), resulting in a total of 12,165,680 units now available for the general public.


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