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“Siddhartha Premier Insurance Launches Auction of Promoter Shares: Open to General Public and Institutions”

The current promoters of Siddhartha Premier Insurance Limited (SPIL) have initiated the sale of 1,78,865 units of promoter shares through an auction. This auction is open to both interested promoter shareholders and the general public/institutions, spanning from the 4th Poush to the 13th Poush, 2080.

In this auction, a total of 1,78,865 units of promoter shares from SPIL will be made available. Interested parties, including general public/institutions, who meet the qualification criteria, have the opportunity to participate in the bidding process. The minimum bid rate set for this auction is Rs. 220, and the minimum bid quantity for promoters’ shares is 5000 units.

The auction management for this process is handled by NIC Asia Capital Limited.

As of the current information, the Last Traded Price (LTP) for SPIL is Rs. 774.00.


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