SHARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WHAT TO BUY


Which are the best stocks under 500 to buy rn in NEPSE. answers are appreciated

More at: r/NepalStock by nepalijordan23

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  1. captainright1 says

    Buy Samriddhi finance and ride the right share wave. follow strict profit booking.

    NFS also good if you are trying for trade.

    2nd wave of Development and Finance bull is almost here.

  2. rigour54 says

    Nepal bank limited and civil bank is best stock you can buy
    NBL and cbl can go over 600 & 400 respectively in no time.

  3. [deleted] says

    Best stocks give the optimal return for your investment. There are two facts that are widely used as a base for investment strategies.

    1. low risk low return -> mostly A-class commercial banks
    2. high risk high return -> anything who’s market prices fluctuate widely

    So, if one can combine both strategies successfully, then one would achieve the optimal return.

    Here’s how I would define optional return: Bigger return than or at least on a par with Nepse average while sleeping SOUNDLY at night!

    Here’s the tactics:

    1. 80% of your investment in good companies (mostly A-class commercial banks) and hold!
    2. 20% of your investment in volatile stocks and be emotionless and strictly disciplined i.e. if you have set 10% book profit, 10% stop-loss target, you follow that no matter what!

    >!Disclaimer: I don’t know what I am talking about coz I certainly don’t follow what I’ve just written above! !<

    Ok, so it’s a bullish market, so holding doesn’t make sense. Here’s what I’ve been doing. 10% book profit target. Stop-loss chahi chhaina as I haven’t really cared about volatile stocks for sometime now.

    All the stocks that I think are good (for me) are above 500rs a piece e.g. PCBL, NICA, SICL, and honorable mention JLI.

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  5. aadarsha2056 says

    The stock market is filled with individuals who know the price of everything, but the value of nothing. -philip arthur

    Is your capital 5k???? yo 200 ko kinda safe hune 8k ko kinda risk hune illusion bata chai sakesamma niskiye huncha there is equal chance of 200 going to 100 resulting 50% loss and 8k going to 4k making same amount of loss. At least keyi janena bhane ne pe ,reserve ra kaati loss ma cha ta herna sakincha jun finance ra hydro le 5 barsa ko profit eutai quarter ma kamaye ni justified nahune valuation ma cha tesailai 400 ma raicha kya sasto bhanera kinnu cha irrational nai ho. If you are trader go with momentum with risk management na price hernu parcha na company chart matrai here pugcha.

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  8. Embarrassed_Cow_5255 says

    Rule Number one of investing Never take advice on the internet.

  9. goodday_best says

    best on what?
    return or capital gain?

  10. [deleted] says

    Nepal Bank chittai 700+ pugcha. Boom Boom.

  11. [deleted] says


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