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Earn Money in NepalStock ExchangeBoosting Your ROI in Stock Market Investing

Boosting Your ROI in Stock Market Investing

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Everyone wants a high return on their investment in stock trading. First let’s consider the basics and the ways to earn the most on your investments.

Return on Investment

Usually referred to as ROI, the Return on Investment in stock investing is the profit earned from selling a security or other divided by the amount of the original investment. With stocks, your ROI is expressed as an APR (annual percentage rate).

Your ROI is all the income you make on the stock, which also includes profit earned from selling the stock. When the sales price plus any other income is higher than the price you purchased the stock for, your ROI is positive.

When the sale price plus any other income is lower than the price you bought the stock for, you have a negative ROI (which is obviously what you want to avoid). In fact, as a trader in the stock market, your goal is a high ROI, not just a one. To achieve a substantial ROI, consider the following methods to boost your current stock investing efforts.

Know What You Are Purchasing

To ensure a high ROI in stock investing, garner as much information as you can about the company you want to your money in. A bit of basic analysis to find out if the stock is worth the asking price can go a long way. Rather than gambling, you can also ask other people to do this research for you if you don’t have the time to do it yourself. Reliable research resources include the websites of major brokerage firms, mutual fund companies and publications. There are also paid newsletter that offer this information.

A Bull Is Not The Same As Smart Investing

When you earn a high ROI in stock market investing, there are many reasons for it. One of the possible reasons is your wise investment strategy. Another reason can simply be the good fortune to be in the right place at the right time so you wind up making money with minimal effort. We may feel smarter when the market is soaring so we get tempted to take on riskier positions and trade frequently, which may not be the wisest decision.

Deactivate Active Trading

You may feel tempted to trade frequently when you are gaining. With online stock trading, investment is a mouse click away which can make you even impulsive. Remember that it is difficult to make money by beating the stock market consistently. In stock market trading, it is better to have a buy and hold strategy to ensure a high ROI.

Take Note of The Tax Man

Pay attention to tax ramifications when trading stocks. Frequent trading can become extremely costly, especially when major income taxes are triggered by profits. By buying and holding for a period of at least one year, you would qualify for a lower capital gains rate. Your financial advisor should be able to consult with you on this.

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