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Securities Board of Nepal Approves Nabil Bank’s ‘9% Nabil Debenture 2087’ Offering

Nabil Bank Limited has received approval from the Securities Board of Nepal for its ‘9% Nabil Debenture 2087’ on Mangsir 10, 2080. The debenture issuance comprises a total of 30 lakh units, each with a par value of Rs. 1,000. Out of this total, 12 lakh units will be made available to the general public, while the remaining 18 lakh units will be allocated through private placement. The issuance is being managed by Kumari Capital Limited.

As indicated by its name, the ‘9% Nabil Debenture 2087’ comes with a maturity period of 7 years, reaching maturity in the year 2087 BS. Investors holding these debentures can expect an annual return of 9%.


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