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Non-Life Insurance Sector in Nepal Achieves Rs. 10.44 Arba Premium in FY 2080/81

In the initial three months of the fiscal year 2080/81, concluding at the end of Ashwin, the non-life insurance sector in Nepal achieved remarkable success by accumulating a substantial premium of Rs. 10.44 Arba. This impressive growth is outlined in a recent comprehensive report released by the Nepal Insurance Authority. The robust performance of the insurance industry was fueled by a total of 6.81 lakh active insurance policies, collectively held by policyholders across a diverse range of segments.

Siddhartha Premier Insurance emerged as a prominent leader in this sector, boasting an impressive count of 79,696 active policies. Following closely, Neco Insurance secured a commendable position with 75,916 active policies in force. In contrast, National Insurance exhibited a more modest presence with 9,731 active insurance policies.

In terms of the total charges generated through insurance, Sagarmatha Lumbini Insurance established itself as a front-runner, accumulating insurance charges amounting to Rs. 1.31 Arba. Siddhartha Premier Insurance, while not leading in terms of charges, maintained a substantial presence with total charges reaching Rs. 1.06 Arba. Shikhar Insurance Limited also made a substantial contribution, recording insurance charges of Rs. 1.04 Arba.


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