NEPSE plummets, down double digits; trading volume at Rs. 3.49 Arba.


The NEPSE index experienced a decline today, closing at 2,050.78 points, which reflects a loss of 14.05 points from the previous trading day. This translates to a decrease of 0.68% in the index value. Yesterday, the index had also experienced a decline of 26.56 points.

During today’s trading session, the index opened at 2,067.21 points and reached its highest point of the day at 2,082.97. However, it also dropped to a low of 2,043.84 before settling at the closing value of 2,050.78.

In terms of trading activity, there were 271 scrips (individual securities) exchanged through 59,813 transactions. The total number of shares traded was 8,651,164, amounting to a turnover of Rs. 3.49 Arba. It’s worth noting that today’s turnover is lower than the turnover of Rs. 4.11 Arba observed in the previous trading day.

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