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NEPSE Index Sees Substantial Weekly Loss with Notable Intraday Volatility

The NEPSE index concluded the week at a closing value of 1,874.60, marking a significant decline of 82.32 points, equivalent to 4.21%. In comparison, the index had finished at 1,956.92 the prior week, experiencing a loss of 2.36% from the week before.

Throughout the current week, the NEPSE index displayed a range of fluctuations, reaching its peak at 1,963.80 and hitting its lowest point at 1,870.26. This translated to a considerable level of volatility, with a total range of 93.54 points. The previous week, in contrast, saw a lesser degree of volatility, with fluctuations amounting to 47.66 points.

On the first trading day of the week, Sunday, the NEPSE index recorded its most substantial intraday loss, with a drop of 35.68 points. The total turnover for that day reached Rs 1.80 Arba. Nevertheless, the cumulative turnover for the entire week stood at a significantly higher figure of Rs 7.04 Arba.


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