“NEPSE Index Sees Significant Decline of 4.72% This Week”

During the past week, the NEPSE (Nepal Stock Exchange) index experienced a significant decline, closing at 2049.38 after a loss of 101.61 points, equivalent to a 4.72% decrease. In comparison, the index had closed at 2,150.99 the previous week, registering a gain of 4.64% from the week before that.

Throughout the week, the index reached its highest point at 2,158.83, but also dipped to its lowest point at 2,033.59, indicating a considerable volatility of 125.24 points. Comparatively, the previous week had witnessed a slightly higher volatility of 147.56 points.

In summary, the NEPSE index experienced a notable downturn during the week, resulting in a significant loss of points. The index displayed fluctuations between its highest and lowest points, demonstrating a level of volatility that was slightly lower than the previous week.

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