NEPSE goes up by 12.54 points


KATHMANDU: The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) rose 12.54 points on Sunday.

With today’s increase, the index now stands at 2827.93 points.

Similarly, the financial legislation that went into effect on Saturday doubled the profit tax for people who sell stock market shares in less than a year.

Despite predictions that this would have a negative influence on the stock market, the market has been setting record after record.

Not only in the market indication, but also in the amount, is the transaction amount increasing by day. Not only has Nepse set a new record in the share market, but so has the value. Last Thursday, the market saw a turnover of Rs 14.76 billion, beating the previous record.

A total of 17.284 million shares were exchanged on Nepse today, with 42.636 million 348 shares purchased and sold. Which of the following is the largest in a single trading on Nepse?

On Thursday, the turnover was Rs 14.76 billion. When 41,13,994 shares were bought and sold, the amount was traded. It gained 20 points in the pre-open session today and began at 2836.11 points.

Intra- trading, which had varied throughout the day, had reached a high of 2854.80 points and a low of 2814.72 points. Under the guidance of the NRB, the share of microfinance is dropping.

Similarly, investors are rushing to buy shares of the hydropower firm in response to speculation that the Electricity Regulatory Commission is going to issue the right to repay the hydropower firm’s bank loan.

As a result, the hydropower sub-index, which rose at a rapid pace on the last trading of last year and continues to rise at a rapid pace today, has experienced a broad correction as investors booked profits.

Hydropower firms, on the other hand, outperform in terms of turnover.

Other sub-indices have corrected the most today, at 2.49 percent, with the microfinance sub-index correcting by 1.37 percent and the hydropower sub-index correcting by 0.02 percent. Meanwhile, the Development Bank sub-index grew the greatest, increasing 7.39 percent. Similarly, the banking firm sub-index climbed by 5.08 percent, the hotel and tourist sub-index climbed by 4 percent, and the mutual fund sub-index climbed by 3.87 percent.

In the budget released on Saturday, Finance Minister Bishnu Poudel announced a tax exemption for mutual funds. The hydroelectric firm now leads the transaction amount.

Nine hydroelectric are among the top ten most corporations. Today, Nepse has the biggest turnover of National Hydropower at 474 million 90 thousand. Similarly, Arun Kabeli Power had a revenue of Rs 469.264 million, United Modi Hydropower had a revenue of Rs 413.14 million, and Butwal Power Company had a revenue of Rs 412.85 million.

Today, the share prices of 20 businesses rose at the circuit level in Nepse. While the share price of the majority of development banks has climbed and closed at the circuit level, the share price of several hotels, as well as some hydropower and finance firms, has also climbed and closed at the circuit level.

Hydropower businesses, on the other hand, are dominating the share price reduction. Varun Hydropower Company and Himalayan Energy Development Company’s stock prices have fallen by more than 6%. Similarly, Mithila Microfinance and Mountain Hydro Nepal’s stock prices have fallen by more than 5%.

While the share price of 80 has decreased, the share price of 80 companies has decreased. Similarly, three firms’ stock values stayed constant.

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