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Nepal Investment Mega Bank to Issue Rs. 4.40 Arba “10% NIMB Debenture 2090” from 1st Falgun

Nepal Investment Mega Bank Limited (NIMB) has released an offer letter announcing the issuance of 40,40,000 units of “10% NIMB Debenture 2090” to the general public. This debenture comes with a 10-year maturity period and a 10% coupon rate, and the application period is set from 1st Falgun to 4th Falgun, 2080. In case of undersubscription, the deadline may be extended to Falgun 15, 2080.

The units, valued at Rs. 1000 each, will amount to a total of 40.40 lakh units. Of these, 60%, equivalent to 24.24 lakh units, will be subscribed through private placement. The remaining 16.16 lakh units, valued at Rs. 1.61 Arba, will be available for public issuance. Additionally, 5%, or 80.80 thousand units, will be allocated for mutual funds. The total fund raised from this issuance is anticipated to be Rs. 4.40 Arba.


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