National Hydropower Company Adjusts Share Price as it Prepares to Issue Right Shares

The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) has made an adjustment to the share price of National Hydropower Company Limited (NHPC) on Ashad 1, Friday. This adjustment was necessary as NHPC closed its books in preparation for issuing right shares, prompting NEPSE to establish a new share price.

NEPSE has adjusted 50 percent of NHPC’s rightful shares, resulting in a revised share price of Rs. 182.7. This adjusted price was determined based on the closing price of NHPC’s shares in the previous trading day, which was Rs. 223.10. The revised share price will come into effect when trading resumes on Sunday in the secondary market.

NHPC has announced plans to issue 50% right shares worth Rs. 82.21 Crores. This entails offering a total of 8,221,459.7178 (10:5) units of right shares to its existing shareholders. Currently, NHPC’s paid-up capital stands at Rs. 1.64 Arba, and it will increase to Rs. 2.46 Arba following the issuance of the proposed right shares.

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