Last day to deposit remaining payment of Trishuli Jal Vidhyut Company IPO shares

Trishuli Jal Vidhyut Company Limited (TJVCL) will begin collecting the remaining sum for the shares offered to the general public today, the 17th of Falgun. The collection began on 18th Mangsir, 2079.

From the 7th to the 11th Chaitra, 2075, the company issued 3,705,000 units of IPO shares with a par value of Rs. 100 and an initial call amount of Rs. 10.

Employees received 3% of the total 3,705,000 units, or 111,150 unit shares, with the remaining 3,593,850 unit shares issued to the general public.

Investors could purchase shares by paying only 10%, or Rs. 10, of the share value, with the remaining 90%, or Rs. 90, to be paid later.

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