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Kumari Bank Limited Promoters Auction 5,392 Shares to the Public

The current promoter of Kumari Bank Limited (KBL) has initiated the auctioning of 5,392 units of shares to the general public starting today. Lok Maya Gurung and Tika Ram Sapkota, existing promoters of the bank, are respectively selling 2,305 units and 3,087 units of their promoter shares to interested individuals. Prospective buyers are invited to participate in the auction within a 35-day period from the date of this notice, concluding on 8th Mangsir.

To submit their bids, shareholders are required to visit the central office of Kumari Bank located in Naxal, Kathmandu. Notably, since no bids were received from the existing founder shareholders within the stipulated timeframe, these shares are now available for auction to the general public.

As of 23rd November 2023, Kumari Bank Limited (KBL) closed at Rs. 153.90. Additionally, Kumari Bank Limited Promoter Share (KBLPO) had a Last Traded Price (LTP) of Rs. 110.00 as of 9th November 2023.


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