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Kumari Bank Limited Promoters Auction 5,30,000 Shares at Rs. 101 Minimum Rate for Public and Institutions

Starting today, the existing promoters of Kumari Bank Limited (KBL) have initiated the auction of 5,30,000 units of shares, making them available to both the general public and institutions. This auction commenced on the 14th of Kartik, 2080, as per the Nepali calendar.

The minimum auction rate for the 5,30,000 promoter shares of KBL has been set at Rs. 101. Eligibility for participation in the auction extends to both the general public and institutions, with a submission deadline for bids falling on the 20th of Kartik.

Shareholders interested in bidding for these shares should submit their bids at Kumari Capital Limited, located at Naxal, Nagpokhari, Kathmandu.

Notably, Kumari Bank Limited (KBL) had closed at a share price of Rs. 156.00 the previous day. In contrast, Kumari Bank Limited Promoter Share Auction (KBLPO) had a last trading price (LTP) of Rs. 101 as of the 18th of October, 2023.


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