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Kumari Bank Limited Auctions Promoter Shares of Sagarmatha Lumbini Insurance Company Limited: Opportunity for Investors

Kumari Bank Limited (KBL) has initiated the auction of promoter shares of Sagarmatha Lumbini Insurance Company Limited (SALICO), commencing from today, 28th Chaitra, until 1st Jestha, 2080. This auction presents an opportunity for investors to acquire shares in SALICO, a prominent insurance company in Nepal.

A total of 1,14,612 unit promoter shares of SALICO are being auctioned, with promoter shareholders eligible to participate in the bidding process. The minimum bid rate for SALICO’s auction is set at Rs. 275, with a minimum bid quantity of 1,000 units for promoter shares. While bidders have the option to bid for the entire issue, they must adhere to the regulations set by the Nepal Rastra Bank, ensuring that the specified quantity of shares per entity is not exceeded.

The auction is managed by Kumari Capital, providing a transparent and efficient platform for investors to participate. As of the latest update, SALICO’s Last Traded Price (LTP) stands at Rs. 667.00, indicating the current market value of the company’s shares.


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