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    ISP Toll-Free Numbers in Nepal

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    The Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) has toll-free numbers mandatory for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Nepal. This means that, sooner or later, every ISP will need their own toll-free number. To summarize, toll free numbers are phone numbers that can be used to Nepal’s Internet Service Providers for free.

    ISPs must hold toll-free numbers for efficient customer care, assistance, and internet maintenance, according to NTA guidelines. Furthermore, toll-free numbers can boost not only internet access but also customer service. Furthermore, with toll-free numbers, consumers would be able to openly and conveniently express their dissatisfactions, suggestions, and questions.

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    We’ve compiled a list of toll-free numbers for some of Nepal’s most popular Internet service providers.

    ISPs Toll free numbers
    Nepal Doorsanchar Company Ltd. | Nepal Telecom 1498, 198
    Worldlink Communications Ltd. 166001-55050
    Subisu Cablenet Pvt. Ltd. 166001-59999
    Classic Tech Pvt. Ltd. 16600150999
    Vianet Communication Pvt. Ltd. 16600188444

    Nepal Doorsanchar Company Ltd. | Nepal Telecom Toll-free Number

    Nepal Doorsanchar Company Ltd., widely known as NTC or Nepal Telecom, is the prestigious telecommunication service provider in Nepal. Along with telecom, the company is also a famous internet service provider. It’s details are:

    • NTC Toll-free number: 1498, 198
    • Head office: 977-1-4210106, Kathmandu
    • Email: ntc.cco@ntc.net.np

    Worldlink Communications Ltd. Toll-free number

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    Worldlink is one of the renowned and largest internet and network service providers in Nepal. The company has been providing quality internet services. In addition to this, its services are ever-improving. But things aren’t perfect forever, that’s when the need to them comes in. Their contact details are:

    • Worldlink Toll-free number:166001-55050(NTC)
    • Head office: 977-9801523050 (Ncell) & 977-01-5970050 (NTC), Jawalakhel, Lalitpur
    • Email: info@worldlink.com.np

    Subisu Cablenet Pvt. Ltd. Toll free number

    Subisu is another prestigious ISP in Nepal. Initially, the company served as a cable & fiber internet and Digital TV service provider. With this been said, Subisu becomes a multi-tasker. To contact Subisu:

    • Subisu Toll free number:166001-59999
    • Head office: 01-4429616, Baluwatar, Kathmandu
    • Email: info@subisu.net.np

    Classic Tech Pvt. Ltd. Toll-free Number

    Classic Tech is another competitive internet and network service provider in Nepal. Moreover, it is a licensed company to provide trustworthy customer service to its users. It’s contact details are:

    • Classic Tech Toll-free number: 16600150999
    • Head office: 9801006633, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu
    • Email: info@classic.com.np

    Vianet Communication Pvt. Ltd. Toll-free number

    Vianet is one of the leading internet and TV service providers in Nepal. Since very long, the company has been serving people with high end internet service. And even today, you’ll find people appreciating it’s internet quality and speed. To contact them:

    • Vianet Toll free number: 16600188444
    • Head office: 01-5970444, Jawalakhel, Lalitpur
    • Email: support@vianet.com.np

    Additionally, the list of other ISPs with their toll free numbers are as follows:

    Other ISPs Toll free numbers
    Broad Nepal Pvt. Ltd. 166071-52004 (For NTC users)
    Techminds Networks Pvt. Ltd. 16605651222 (For NT Users), 9801575666 (For Users)
    East Link Technology Pvt. Ltd. 166001-95985
    Sky Broadband Pvt. Ltd. 166001-58887
    Himalayan Online Services Pvt. Ltd. 16600149520
    Arrow Net Pvt. Ltd. 16600142222
    Metrolink Group Pvt. Ltd. 16607156222
    Big Marshyangdi Net Pvt. Ltd. 9801565666
    Prabhu Digital Ltd. 16600178999,
    Mercantile Communication Pvt. Ltd. 16600100822
    Super Eight Network Pvt. Ltd. 9801575750
    Infonet Communication Pvt. Ltd. 1660774002
    Unified Communication Pvt. Ltd. 16602358666
    Broadlink Communication Pvt. Ltd. 9801571235
    TechMinds Network Pvt. Ltd. 16605651222,
    Ultra Net Communication Pvt. Ltd. 16601166729
    Web Network Pvt. Ltd 16607156555
    First Link Communications Pvt. Ltd. 16602358555
    Everest Wireless Network Pvt. Ltd. 9801571005 ( For users), 16608352003
    Simpal Media Network Pvt. Ltd. (SIMTV ) 9801544000
    Mahakali Digital Network Pvt. Ltd. 1660017899 (For NTC users),
    9801571999 (For users)
    Shangrila Informatics Pvt. Ltd. 16600102725
    Sustainable Networks Pvt. Ltd. 16600119335
    Loop Networks Pvt. Ltd. 9801571570
    Kriti Darshan Media Pvt. Ltd. 16602558558
    Dish Home Pvt. Ltd. 16600122000
    Super Sitapaila Net.Pvt. Ltd. 16600162222
    Web Surfer Nepal Communications System Pvt. Ltd. 16600170222
    Lumbini Max Digital Cable Net Pvt. Ltd. 16607156333
    Meta Link Pvt. Ltd. 16600194541
    Acme Technical Institute Pvt. Ltd. 16607852010
    WiFi HD Nepal Pvt. Ltd. 9801567779
    VNS Technology Pvt. Ltd. 16604152980
    Zishan Networks Pvt. Ltd. 16605552786
    Interweb Network Pvt. Ltd. 16606156900
    City Net Pvt. Ltd. 16600193330
    K.C.N. Net Pvt. Ltd. 16600115000
    Net Max Technologies Pvt. Ltd. 16600156666
    Cherry World Communication Pvt. Ltd. 9801571266
    Waling Internet Pvt. Ltd. 16606342003
    Max Net Solution Pvt. Ltd. 9801574040
    Prime Network Pvt. Ltd. 16605651245
    Limpid ICT Solution Pvt. Ltd. 16600164186
    Regmi Media INC. Pvt. Ltd. 16607152001
    Rapid Unique Network Pvt. Ltd. 16606552002
    Infocom Pvt. Ltd. 16600185000
    Simrik Internet Pvt. Ltd. 16606156780
    Smart Link Network Pvt. Ltd. 16600100108
    LNT Infotech Pvt. Ltd. 16606152020
    Next Geekers Pvt. Ltd. 16600180444
    Life Net Pvt. Ltd. 16608352007,
    Neo Link Pvt. Ltd. 16608852305
    Bihunkot Internet Pvt. Ltd. 16606852009
    Nepalink Communication Pvt. Ltd. 9801571100
    I zone Pvt. Ltd. 16602142001
    Pathibhara Network Pvt. Ltd. 9801575959
    Surkhet cable Net T.V. Pvt. Ltd. 16608352008
    Syangia Media Pvt. Ltd. 16606342008
    Wifi Tech Nepal Pvt. Ltd. 9801859000, 9801859004
    Broadband solutions Pvt. Ltd. 16605651555
    Access world Tech Pvt. Ltd. 16600151065
    Smart Telecom Pvt. Ltd. 4242/14242
    IBSS Nepal Pvt. Ltd. 16600181078
    World Fiber Net Pvt. Ltd. 16600107555
    Dolfin Net Communication Pvt. Ltd. 9801574100
    Pals Network Pvt. Ltd. 16607152002
    Fiber world communication Pvt. Ltd. 9801571720, 16607852003
    Mithila Digital Nepal Pvt. Ltd. 16600116999
    Clean Network Pvt. Ltd. 16603352002


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