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Saturday, September 25, 2021
    Nepal Breaking NewsBusinessIn Karnali, cereal crop production is rising, but vegetable production is down.

    In Karnali, cereal crop production is rising, but vegetable production is down.

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    to a study, food crop output has grown while production has decreased in Karnali province.

    to the Provincial Economic Activities Study Report, 2020/21, issued by Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB), the area under food crop cultivation in the province has expanded by 2.69 percent, while production has increased by 6.52 percent.

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    Rice production has increased by 3.81 percent, while maize and millet production has increased by 17.45 percent.

    However, to the data, production has declined by 2.26 percent. In comparison to the same last fiscal year, vegetable production in the province climbed by 25%.

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    to the survey, the Salyan district has the largest vegetable production in the province, while the Humla district has the lowest.

    Egg, meat, and fish output has increased, while milk product production has decreased by 0.69 percent.

    The analysis determined that the lockdown and limits imposed in response to the COVID-19 risk were to blame for the fall in vegetable and milk production.

    The periodic lockdown imposed to minimise the potential of a pandemic, to NRB Karnali Province chief Binaya Sigdel, has resulted in the province’s economy contracting.

    to the NRB report, the tourism industry was the hardest damaged. Tourist arrivals have dropped dramatically in the province. The number of tourists arriving has dropped by 94.96 percent.

    There has been a 6.43 percent decrease in the number of tourist-grade hotels and resorts. The number of hotel beds, on the other hand, has climbed by 12%.

    Meanwhile, the registration of land and dwellings, as well as the cash generated from them, has increased significantly. The number of people who register has climbed by 57%, while revenue has increased by 162%.

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