IGI Prudential Insurance Limited Lists 30,293,347 Shares on NEPSE

Based on the information provided, it appears that after the merger between IME General Insurance Limited (IGI) and Prudential Insurance Company Limited (PICL), a new entity called IGI Prudential Insurance Limited was formed. The merger agreement was signed on Magh 27, 2079, and the swap ratio was 1:1.

Prior to the merger, IGI had a total of 18,037,506 listed shares, while PICL had 12,255,843 listed shares. After the merger, the total number of shares listed on NEPSE for IGI Prudential Insurance Limited is 30,293,347 shares (18,037,506 + 12,255,843).

On Baisakh 27, 2080, IGI Prudential Insurance Limited commenced joint transactions with an open price range set at Rs. 370.82 for the first transactions.

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