FonePay IPO : Signs MOU with NMB Capital as IPO Advisor

FonePay, the driving force behind Nepal’s digital payment system, is making significant strides towards launching its initial public offering (IPO). The company’s CEO, Diwas Sapkota, announced the collaboration with NMB Capital, leveraging their expertise to prepare for the IPO and inspire other tech companies in Nepal. With over 1.7 million mobile banking app and digital wallet users, FonePay has become an integral part of the country’s digital economy, transcending traditional payment methods.

FonePay’s Expansion and Impact

As FonePay expands its reach to all local levels across Nepal’s seven provinces, it solidifies its position as a key player in the digital economy outlined in the Digital Nepal Framework. Its seamless QR code scanning payment service has transformed the way people transact, fostering a greater dependence on virtual money over physical cash. With a vast network of 1.1 million merchants and facilitating daily transactions worth over Rs 5 billion, FonePay has garnered the trust of over 60 banks and financial institutions.

FonePay’s IPO Announcement

While the exact date for FonePay’s IPO announcement is yet to be determined, the groundwork for the IPO has already commenced. Sapkota emphasizes that FonePay aims to set a benchmark for the technology sector in Nepal, inspiring other companies to follow suit. By partnering with NMB Capital, FonePay secures the support and guidance required to achieve its vision of drawing in public investments.

Lastly, FonePay’s upcoming IPO marks a significant milestone in Nepal’s technology sector, setting a precedent for other companies in the industry. With NMB Capital as their consultant, FonePay is well-equipped to navigate the IPO process successfully. As the digital payment leader, FonePay continues to revolutionize payment behaviors, empowering users with convenient and secure transactions. Keep an eye out for the IPO announcement, as FonePay prepares to unlock new growth opportunities and expand its influence in the dynamic landscape of digital payments.

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