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HIDCL Achieves Remarkable Milestone with 11.47% Surge in Q2 FY 2080/81 Net Profit, Reaching Rs. 75.27 Crore; EPS Soars to Rs. 6.61

Hydroelectricity Investment and Development Company Limited (HIDCL) reveals a robust financial performance in its recently released unaudited quarterly report for the second quarter of fiscal year 2080/81. Demonstrating an impressive 11.47% increase in net profit, the company achieved a milestone of Rs. 75.27 Crore compared to the previous year’s Rs. 67.52 Crore. With a solid foundation, HIDCL boasts a paid-up capital of Rs. 22.77 Arba and a substantial reserve and surplus of Rs. 1.89 Arba. The company’s strategic investment in equity, amounting to Rs. 3.23 Arba, resulted in a noteworthy revenue of Rs. 1.23 Crores during the same period. Additionally, HIDCL’s finance income of Rs. 1.07 Arba further accentuates its financial prowess, making it a promising entity in the realm of hydroelectric investment and development.


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