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Citizens Capital Mutual Funds Report Growth: NAV and Net Profit on the Rise

Citizens Super 30 Mutual Fund (C30MF) unveils its latest Net Asset Value (NAV) report for the month of Poush, showcasing a notable increase from Rs. 10.40 to Rs. 10.77. As a closed-end fund with a maturity period of 10 years, C30MF boasts a substantial fund size of Rs. 75.07 Crores. The fund strategically allocates its assets with Rs. 37.61 Crore invested in listed shares, demonstrating a diversified investment approach. Notably, C30MF also allocates Rs. 7 Crore in fixed return assets, Rs. 2.29 Crore in debentures, and holds a significant bank balance of Rs. 32.90 Crore. This report underscores the fund’s prudent investment strategy and steady growth, making it an appealing option for investors seeking a balanced and long-term investment opportunity.


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