Gold Prices in Nepal Witness Decline, with Fine Gold and Tejabi Gold Experiencing Decreases of Rs. 1100 and Rs. 1050 per Tola respectively

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Today, the price of gold in Nepal has experienced a decline of Rs. per tola, while gold has fallen by Rs. from yesterday's price. According to the Federation of Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers' Association's official website, fine gold is currently being traded at Rs. 110,000 per tola, compared to yesterday's rate of Rs. 111,100 per tola. Tejabi gold, on the other hand, is being traded at Rs. 109,500 today, in contrast to yesterday's rate of Rs. 110,550 per tola.

Additionally, silver has also witnessed a decrease in price, with a of Rs. 5 per tola. The current trading rate for silver in the local market is Rs. 1,370 per tola, compared to yesterday's rate of Rs. 1,365 per tola.

In the international market, the current price of gold stands at $1,989.70 per ounce, while silver is trading at $23.75 per ounce.


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