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Gold Price Drops by Rs. 1,000 per Tola in Nepali Market, Silver Also Sees a Decline

The price of gold has seen a significant drop today, declining by Rs. 1,000 per tola. As reported on the official website of the Federation of Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers’ Association, fine gold is currently being traded at Rs. 1,15,000 per tola, marking a decrease from the previous day when it stood at Rs. 116,000 per tola. Similarly, Tejabi gold is now priced at Rs. 114,450 per tola, down from Rs. 115,450 per tola, which was the rate maintained on the preceding day.

In addition to the drop in gold prices, silver has also experienced a reduction in value, decreasing by Rs. 35 per tola. The current market rate for silver is Rs. 1,385 per tola, contrasting with the closing rate of Rs. 1,420 per tola from the previous day.

On the international front, the current price of gold stands at USD $1,976.70 per ounce, and silver is trading at $22.61 per ounce. These international rates provide a broader context for understanding the fluctuations in the local gold and silver markets.


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