Everest Bank has launched a festive offer for its loan customers, introducing a variety of loan options with interest rates as low as 6.99 percent for some of its lending products.


Everest Bank Ltd. launched a new “Everest Offer” celebration of the Nepalese New Year’s Festival, which takes place this week and is the country’s largest and most significant celebration.

For the purpose of meeting the demands of the consumer, this service makes an effort to cover a broad range of industries. “Housing loans,” which are more cost-effective than people’s house rents, “SME Loans,” which are intended for and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), “car and motorcycle loans,” which are intended for people who want to own their own vehicle, and “personal loans,” which can be used for any purpose.

The holiday scheme will be to customers starting on September 12th, 2021, and will provide them housing loans at 7.49 percent, SME loans at 7.24 percent, auto loans at 6.99 percent, motorbike loans at 7.99 percent, and personal loans at 7.99 percent. Banks believe that by the most favourable financing terms during this holiday season, they may contribute to making these joyous times even happier. As a result, banks consider that now is the greatest time to submit a loan loan application.

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