“Delisting of 8% Everest Bank Limited Debenture 2079 from NEPSE as it Reaches Maturity: Refunds and Interest Distribution for Unitholders”

A total of 468,845 units of the “8% Everest Bank Limited Debenture 2079” have been removed from trading on the NEPSE (Nepal Stock Exchange). This delisting indicates that the debenture has reached its maturity date, which was Jestha 28, 2079. Investors who held these debentures will now receive their principal investment amount along with the interest earned.

The “8% Everest Bank Limited Debenture 2079” offered a fixed annual return of 8% to its unitholders throughout its duration. Now that it has matured, Everest Bank Limited will initiate the process of refunding the initial investment amount and distributing the accrued interest to the debenture holders. To obtain more specific details about the refund process and interest distribution, unitholders are advised to contact or visit the nearest branches of Everest Bank Limited, located in Hatisar, Kathmandu, Nepal. These branch offices will provide comprehensive information and assistance to the concerned debenture holders.

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