During the festive season, the Kathmandu district administration has issued new instructions for Covid-19


Earlier this week, the Kathmandu District Administration Office issued a circular in which it addressed the public and informed them of a set of Covid-19 standard procedures that would be implemented until further notice.

The circular outlines the laws and regulations that must be followed in public areas, emphasising the importance of the public refraining from gatherings, meetings, processions, and fairs that are not necessary. According to the circular, all outings that are not absolutely necessary must be avoided.

According to a circular published on the office’s website by Chief District Officer Govinda Prasad Rijal, the regulations will take effect at 12 p.m. on Thursday and will apply to everyone thereafter.

“There is still a chance of contracting Covid-19 infection. It is that people refrain from leaving their houses needlessly or from attending social gatherings such as jatras and melas,” according to the statement.

Indra Chowk, Road, Khichapokhari, New Baneshwor and other busy areas of the valley remain crowded despite the fact that the regulations mentioned in the circular were supposed to take effect at 12 noon on Thursday. This is primarily due to people out shopping for the festive season in places like Indra Chowk and New Road.

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A number of people have already criticised the authority’s circular, pointing out that political gatherings and seminars are still taking place around the valley, with more scheduled for the days despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

Beyond the suggestion that individuals limit their public movement, the CDO’s statement also encourages them to be on the lookout for illicit actions such as robbery and theft. During the festival season, there is an increase in the number of reported thefts and robberies.

Aside from that, the circular instructs public transportation providers to have Covid-19 health safety standards in place and to not convey more people than the vehicle’s seating capacity.

Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) on staff working in party palaces, banquets, and hotels has been mandated for establishments that cater to large groups of people, such as hotels.

The statement warns miscreants that they will legal consequences if they are found to be engaged in black marketeering or causing artificial shortages of goods during the holiday season.

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