As a result of a decrease in core business revenue Kumari Bank Limited reports a 10.19 percent decline in net profit in the first quarter of the year.


KBL (Kumari Bank Limited) has reported a 10.19 percent decrease in net in the first quarter of the fiscal year 2078/2079, as reported by the company. Compared to the same quarter the previous year, net profit decreased to Rs. 54.11 crores from Rs. 60.25 crores in the current quarter.

From Rs. 1.38 Kharba at the end of the previous quarter, loans and advances climbed by 6.41 percent to Rs. 1.52 Kharba (compared to immediate previous year ending). In quarter, the deposit climbed to Rs. 1.55 Khrba from Rs. 1.45 Khrba previously (compared to immediate previous year ending).

The company’s net interest income (core business revenue) decreased by 2.19 percent to Rs. 1.28 Arba, a decrease of 2.19 percent from the previous year.

Kumari Bank has a -up capital of Rs. 13.87 Arba and a reserve and surplus of Rs. 5.35 Arba, with a total capitalization of Rs. 13.87 Arba.

Its non-performing loan (NPL) ratio was 1.43 percent in the third quarter of year. Its yearly earnings per share is Rs. 15.60, and its net worth per share is Rs. 138.56, according to the company’s financial statements. The company at a price-to-earnings ratio of 18.47 times.

The first quarter report can be found here.

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