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10% Citizens Bank Debenture 2090 Public Issue Now Open

Introducing a lucrative investment opportunity with a total of 30 lakh units on offer at a par value of Rs. 1000 per unit. This unique offering includes a private placement portion comprising 60% of the total units, totaling 18 lakh units, and a public issue segment with 12 lakh units, valued at Rs. 1.2 Arba. Additionally, 5% of the public issue allocation is reserved for mutual funds. The issuance, expertly managed by Himalayan Capital Limited, is set to raise a substantial Rs. 3 Arba in total funds. Investors can participate by applying for a minimum of 25 units, up to the maximum limit of all available units, presenting an enticing opportunity to diversify portfolios and potentially reap significant returns. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this exciting venture.


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