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USHEC Achieves 47.90% Q2 Net Profit Surge and Robust Revenue Growth

Upper Solu Hydro Electric Company Limited (USHEC) has reported a remarkable surge in net profit, demonstrating a substantial 47.90% increase during the second quarter (Q2) of the fiscal year 2080/81. The company’s profits escalated from Rs. 5.67 crores in the corresponding quarter of the previous year to an impressive Rs. 8.39 crores in the current quarter. This outstanding financial performance is attributed to the notable growth in revenue from power sales, reaching Rs. 42.88 crores for the quarter, marking a 4.94% uptick compared to the same period in the preceding year. The surge in profits underscores the company’s effective management and robust position in the hydroelectric sector, positioning USHEC as a key player in the industry’s growth and sustainability.


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