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Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower to Auction 1.7 Million Unsold Ordinary Right Shares

Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Limited (UPPER) is gearing up to conduct an auction for 1,70,19,530 unsold ordinary right shares that remained from its earlier 1:1 rights offering. The auction is scheduled to take place from the 13th to the 29th of Poush, 2080.

The unsold portion of 1,70,19,530 units of ordinary right shares is the residual component from the company’s 1:1 ratio rights issuance, which was made available to its shareholders between the 18th of Bhadra and the 22nd of Ashwin, 2080. During the rights offering, only 8,88,80,470 units were allocated to eligible shareholders, leaving the remaining 1,70,19,530 units to be auctioned to the general public starting from the 13th of Poush.

The auction is open to both individuals and institutions, and Sunrise Capital Limited has been appointed as the issue manager for this right share auction. The minimum bid rate for the auction is set at Rs. 100, with a minimum bid quantity of 100 units and a maximum bid quantity of 5,00,000 units. While bidders have the option to bid for the entire issue, they are required to adhere to regulatory guidelines limiting the quantity of shares per entity.

As of the latest update, UPPER has a Last Traded Price (LTP) of Rs. 221.50.


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