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United Modi Hydropower Limited (UMHL) Proposes 100% Right Share Issuance for Project Investment

United Modi Hydropower Limited (UMHL) has announced its intention to issue right shares in the ratio of 1:1 or 100% right shares, as per the decision made during the recent Board of Directors meeting on Mangsir 13. The proposal aims to release 100% right shares on the existing paid-up capital of Rs. 1.23 Arba, with the objective of securing funds for investment in its ongoing hydropower projects. If approved, this issuance will lead to an additional 12,305,000 units of right shares, causing the company’s paid-up capital to surge to Rs. 2.46 Arba. However, the issuance is contingent upon obtaining approvals from regulatory bodies, specifically the Electricity Regulatory Commission and the Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON), followed by endorsement at the upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the company. UMHL’s closing stock price stood at Rs. 184 in the latest trading session.


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