Unclaimed Right Shares are being auctioned by IME General Insurance (IGI).


The ordinary and promoter shares of IME General Insurance Limited (IGI) are up for auction. The auction will take place on Baisakh 12 and will end on Baisakh 20 in the year 2079.

The company’s 10:4 ratio rights offering began on Falgun 22 and ended on Chaitra 13, 2078. a par of Rs. 100 per share, 46,,344 were issued to qualified shareholders. The issue manager has been named Global IME Capital. According to the issue manager, a total of 45,39,149 shares were applied for by 13,689 applicants. The remaining 91,195 shares will be auctioned off soon.

IGI is 2,261 of promoter shares and 88,534 units of ordinary shares. The auction’s minimum bid rate is Rs. 100. While there is no minimum bid quantity for shares, there is a minimum bid quantity for stocks.

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