The price of gold is rising on the Nepali market.


The price of gold in the Nepali market has increased by Rs 200 per tola on Friday, bringing the price of gold to Rs 91,900 per tola, up from Rs 91,900 per tola the previous day. On Thursday, the yellow metal was trading Rs 91,700 per tola on the market.

In Nepal, the Federation of Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers’ Association that the current market price of standard gold is Rs 91,400 per tola (gram). The previous day, the price of a tola was Rs 93,200.

In a similar vein, the price of silver has dropped by Rs 5 a tola today, to Rs 1,25, according to the Federation of Indian Industry. On Thursday, silver was trading Rs 1,230 per tola in the Indian market.

According to the Federation, the price of gold and silver in Nepal should be fixed in accordance the transaction price of the worldwide market.

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