The NEPSE index rises 104.88 points to close at 2,816.95 points. The total amount of the transaction is limited to Rs 6 billion.


On Wednesday, the fourth trading day of the year, the New York Stock Exchange (NEPSE) index increased by 104.88 points.

After hours of trade on Wednesday, the had increased by 3.87 percent to 2,816.95 points, a gain of 3.87 percent. The Sensitive Index increased by 19.47 points to 528.10, representing an increase of 19.47 points. The indices of each of the 13 subgroups that were traded on this day have risen in value.

On Wednesday, a total of 1 crore 21 lakh 22 thousand 298 shares of 217 firms worth Rs 6 billion 179.3 million 158 were exchanged, representing a value of Rs 6 billion 179.3 million 158.

Best Finance Company Limited, Corporate Development Bank Limited, Himal Dolakha Hydropower Company Limited, Liberty Energy Company Limited, Sindhu Bikas Bank Limited, Universal Company Limited, Reliance Finance Limited, Premier Company Limited, Divyashwori Hydropower Limited, Multipurpose Limited, Manakamana Micro Finance have seen their share prices rise by 10% on this day in the last year.

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