The government’s spending exceeds its revenue by Rs 1.56 Kharba.


For the first eight months of the current fiscal year 2079/80, the government’s budget deficit exceeded Rs. 1.56 Kharba. By the end of Falgun, the government had spent 7.79 Kharba of its budget, but had only collected 6.22 Kharba in total revenue.

Meanwhile, only 22.15% of capital expenditure (CAPEX) is used until the end of Falgun’s fiscal year 2079/80.

The government’s capital expenditure is the money spent on the development of physical assets. In Nepal, the capital budget is funded by balancing domestic revenue after the recurrent budget, grants, and loans have been met. According to the Financial Comptroller General Office, only Rs. 84.25 Arba of the capital budget has been spent out of the targeted budget of Rs. 3.80 Kharba.


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