Sugarcane growers will begin a new round of protests in mid-January after failing to get payments for past years’ harvests.


Sugarcane farmers are yet to receive Rs 126.40 million in unpaid dues from mills, according to official figures.

According to the Sugarcane FarmersR7; Struggle Committee, the mills have failed to pay the aforementioned amount, which is part of a total of Rs 650 million in outstanding debts as established by the Government of India. Aside from the sum specified by the government, the farmers have claimed that there is a discrepancy of an additional Rs 250 million, which they believe they are owed by the sugar producers and which they must recover from them.

Agricultural producers claim they have not yet received Rs 50 million from Annapurna Mill, Rs 3.40 million from Shree Mills, Rs 30 million from Mahalaxmi Sugar Mill, and Rs 5 million from Indira Mill, and that Lumbini Sugar Mill is also owing them money.

In his testimony before the committee, Rakesh Mishra stated that the administration had become apathetic in its pursuit of an investigation into the mismatch in amounts despite having expressed its commitment. “If our past-dues are not paid over the few weeks, we will organize a protest beginning in mid-January,” he stated.

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