Stock Broker Looking for Suggestions on How to Improve


lot of people have been frustrated with their experience with Nepalese Stock Brokers. I recently started working at a stock brokerage in Nepal. I have past experience with trading in applications like Robinhood and Zerodha and would like to provide a similar platform to retail investors in Nepal.

We would love inputs and suggestions from everyone on you think we can improve our services and serve our in the best way possible. We take every suggestion seriously and implement it as effectively as possible.

More at: r/NepalStock by hydeparkcapital

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  1. naniThekid says

    Hi checking in to ask about your progress. Also could we have the brokerage firm’s name. I think that the willingness to change and improve alone is worth the shift from my current broker

  2. [deleted] says


  3. Ragnar3678 says

    Why do we still need to use IPS, can’t we just pay and receive directly through our bank ?

  4. nemoisback says

    1. Focus on retail investors and provide good service to all

    2. Manage this phone call system via some ticketing software or make a software of your own

  5. supermyan says

    1) Collateral thapda / ghatauda harek time phone garera trading limit badai dinu vannu parcha

    2) Phone uthaye ta ho

  6. Isurugi_Noe says

    If we need to pay money and transfer shares in T+2, why brokers send money after 15-16 days -_-?

  7. Raatekancha says

    1. It would be really helpful if the platform is connected directly with the investor’s bank account. I see no value in using connect ips and paying extra for using my own money to invest.
    2. Also be clear on the trading limit for new investors.
    3. Include service of showing a company’s fundamentals and charts for technical analysis in the platform itself. If possible real time data would be really helpful.

  8. Ragnar3678 says

    Any chance we can trade in options in nepal ?

  9. slyth007 says

    Most of us don’t need payment for sold shares to be transferred in our bank account.
    Collateral lai account balance jasto naam dine ani share sold gareko payment automatically tesma jamma hune ani buy gareko tesbata katine. Margin ko system lyauda ni hunxa 1:2, 1:10 jasto. Ani margin pugena bhane position automatic close hune.
    User can request to withdraw the account balance tyo robinhood, fxcm ko jasto.

  10. TheProudPirate says

    Which broker do you represent? Please clarify that properly!! If you are serious about providing quality services we can switch to your company. That way we can also verify whether what you are saying will be implemented or it is just an empty hoax!!

  11. captainright1 says

    Can i know which borkers?
    Brokers need to push everyone online. I know main issue of brokers are mostly boomers who still prefer traditional cheques, phone/sms bata order buy sell etc. make a separate desk for these boomers.

    If users register online first 90% of work is done. Push every one to do it.
    Brokers don’t pick landline number, mobile is barely picked and SMS is barely replied. put some open source helpdesk software like ostickets,freshdesk etc. to track issues. they are free and barely put extra cost.

  12. mprodip says

    Hire adequately considering your client base if you have not already. Process payments on time. Be more responsive to your clients. Work to avoid technical glitches between broker software and NOTS(I had this issue with 42; my statement in their software didn’t show one of my collateral deposits). Rather than adding any sophistication to your service, just improve the basics and you’re good to go.

  13. [deleted] says

    Robinhood jasto app nepal ma when?

  14. motivateMe012 says

    kun brokerage hoo…hamlai pni job milaideu na

  15. someguywhoinvests says

    give insider info straight to my viber without me asking, sms will work too

    thank you

    in all seriousness, i doubt you guys can improve without NEPSE and Sebon improving their system/letting others make their own. the whole system of buying and selling is still in the stone ages.

    i have used td ameritrade before, and after using that using tms is so fucking shit.

    also i want to be able to do aon trades which never works for me, idk if that is a system problem or a broker problem

  16. [deleted] says

    **Pick up the goddamn phone.**

  17. TheGreatestNepali says

    1. Cash Fluidity – If TMS online makes it online. I want to put a 1lakh in the account, see if I can buy then if I have 15k left to make a request and I get the cashback. 15 min max for the transaction. I am willing to pay for the IPS cost (wouldn’t be an issue for many hola).
    2. TMS needs to be clear – I need to know if I have bought something if it’s sold if it’s with me and everything else. Balance, amount, trade progress everything. If TMS is too much of a hassle make a client site or maybe an excel sheet Idk but just clear information. (a) The amount I have b) Amount bought and paid c) The progress if it’s done). Bhako paisa bandha collateral dherai cha ke ho yo, kaile chaina ke ho ke.
    3. The money I use – I sell, money goes to you, then it comes to me why?? I sell, becomes collateral then (Point 1) I get to get the money.
    4. The call is weird – a) You don’t pick up b) You pick up but it’s like you don’t want to do it. Cause you are burden with 500 requests, get more people. If you make money having more people than make sure you can handle the pain.

    Tei ho ahile samma ta.

    PS: If I buy at MKT in tms it counts as 0 prices and lets me buy all I want. It’s a drug and I wish you take it away from me, please.

  18. a--b--c--d says

    The biggest complain I have with my broker is that they take such a long time to send the scripts to my demat and it takes even longer for my money to get to my bank account.

    Also it’d be nice to be able to load your collateral right from the amount that’s shown in tms after you sell a script, instead of waiting for the amount to get deposited in the bank. You get me ?

    That’s basically it. I don’t expect much from my broker anyways… Maybe tms can be upgraded but I don’t that’s the job of a broker.

  19. NamXina says

    **1st: Pick up the goddamn phone.**

    others I’ll explain after the Phone’s received.

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