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Sikta Irrigation Project Achieves 92% Progress, Budget Boosted for FY 2024/25

The Sikta Irrigation Project, a national pride initiative aimed at providing irrigation facilities to 42,766 hectares of land across six rural municipalities in Kohalpur municipality and Nepalgunj sub-metropolitan city in Banke district, has achieved 92% physical progress in the current fiscal year 2023/24. Despite challenges, the ambitious project continues to make strides toward its objectives.

According to Sandesh Poudel, Project Engineer, expenditures have reached over Rs 760 million out of the allocated capital expenditure of over Rs 830 million for the fiscal year, as of December 2023. Activities during this period included the contracting of remaining works for the eastern main canal and the Goha section of the canal. Land acquisition has also been completed for the construction of canals at Prasenipur, towards the western main canal, Guruwagaun section canal, and various other sections.

Looking ahead, the budget allocation for the Sikta Irrigation Project in the upcoming fiscal year 2024/25 has been increased to over Rs 1.6 billion, up from over Rs 1.3 billion in the current fiscal year. This higher allocation reflects the government’s commitment to accelerating the project’s progress. Currently, construction works are progressing on the Daduwa section canal.

Originally initiated in the fiscal year 2005/06, the project is slated for completion by fiscal year 2032/33, as per the revised master plan, with a total estimated cost exceeding Rs 52 billion. However, the project faces significant challenges such as inadequate budget allocations from the government and issues related to the distribution of compensation for land acquired for the project.

Despite these hurdles, the Sikta Irrigation Project holds immense potential for boosting agricultural productivity and enhancing the economic prospects of the region. Once completed, it is expected to provide reliable irrigation facilities to a vast swath of land, benefiting countless farmers and contributing to Nepal’s food security and rural development efforts.

As the project progresses, stakeholders will closely monitor its implementation, budget allocations, and the resolution of land acquisition and compensation issues, ensuring that this vital infrastructure initiative remains on track and delivers its promised benefits to the people of Banke district and beyond.


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