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Shree Investment Finance Company Proposes 5.05% Cash Dividend for FY 2079/80

Shree Investment Finance Company Limited (SIFC) has put forward a proposal for a 5.05% cash dividend amounting to Rs. 4.96 for the fiscal year 2079/80. This decision was reached during the 336th board meeting held on Mangsir 26, with the dividend distribution derived from the company’s paid-up capital of Rs. 98.16 crores. The proposed 5.05% cash dividend is valued at slightly over Rs. 4.96 crores.

Subject to approval by the central bank and subsequent endorsement during the company’s upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM), the dividend will be distributed. As of the current update, Shree Investment Finance Company Limited’s Last Traded Price (LTP) is Rs. 355.


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