“Sanima Bank Q4 FY 2079-80 Report: Net Profits Surge 25%, Distributable Profit per Share Soars to Rs. 17.73”


Sanima Bank Limited (SANIMA) has released its fourth-quarter report for the fiscal year 2079-80, showcasing an impressive 25 percent rise in Net Profits. By the end of FY 2079-80, the bank achieved a significant milestone, earning Rs. 2.61 Arba, a substantial increase compared to the Rs. 1.24 Arba earned in the same quarter of FY 2078-79.

The bank has seen remarkable growth in both Net Interest Income and Operating Profits, experiencing a substantial 39.50 percent and 27.96 percent increase, respectively. In the final quarter of FY 2079-80, Sanima Bank generated Rs. 6.48 Arba in core business revenue and Rs. 3.78 Arba in operating profit.

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